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Hi, I'm Moulik

Student | Full Stack


I'm an enthusiastic Software Engineering student at the University of Guelph who is passionate about math, technology and photography. I like to spend my free time working on personal programming projects and learning new skills.

My experiences as a student, tutor and leader have taught me that the best way to approach a difficult challenge is to dive head-first into the deep end and learn as you go. I always love seeking new opportunities to learn and grow as a developer and a person.


Nail Braille Title Image

Nail Braille


Nail Braille is a device designed, prototyped and tested in collaboration with Katelyn Wugmaillinkedin to help the visually impaired learn braille in a way that minimizes cost and maximizes independence.

This project earned the platinum award at the 2023 Canada Wide Science Fair. Read more...

Event Dashboard Title Image

Event Dashboard


This event dashboard was designed and developed for the 2023 TEDx Columbia Lake Youth event. It allowed attendees to RSVP, view their ticket, and network with others at the event. Also allowing organizers to manage attendees, send emails, and validate tickets.

Hawkeye Landing Image



Hawkeye is a project that helps people with visual impairments visualize the world around them. It uses the AdHawk MindLink to provide essential visual information to the blind and visually impaired. Our application offers a wide range of functions.

Irrigation Controller Title Image

Irrigation Controller


With just an ESP32, a few relays, and solenoid valves, this sprinkler system can be used to automate the watering of your lawn. Through its mobile friendly web interface, you can schedule watering times, view and add to the task queue, and see the past watering history.


Website Manager & Full Stack Developer

ReSEC Lab @ Wilfred Laurier University

Aug 2023 - Present
  • Migrated web app towards modern infrastructure using AWS
  • Optimized databases to improve app performance
  • Increased site performance by optimizing core functions
  • Setup CI/CD flow for fast iterative development

Tech & Co-Head of Production

TEDx Columbia Lake Youth

Sep 2023 - Present
  • Designed a mobile-friendly user dashboard for 150+ users: organizers, speakers, and attendees.
  • Integrated authentication for secure access.
  • Enabled RSVP, digital networking, and ticket viewing for attendees.
  • Provided user management, badge linking, and RSVP tracking for organizers.
  • Utilized Nextjs, SQL, Docker, and AWS for development and deployment.
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Judge & Mentor


Sep 2023


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Moulik Budhiraja

Feel free to reach out, I'd love to connect!